Developing a Talent Strategy Post Pandemic

A survey on global employment outlook for Q3 2022 suggested talent shortages are at an all-time high, with the biggest impacts being felt in Taiwan, Portugal, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, and India. 

Building a talent pool is a proactive strategy to fill vacancies in your organisation with high-quality candidates cheaper and faster. It gives employers, especially emerging or developing industries, flexibility in their recruitment plans.   

Here are 4 Tips for Building a Talent Pool That Works: 


Leverage Social Media to Attract Talent 

Social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn have proven to be fantastic mediums to identify candidates, engage them and inform them of opportunities. 

Many companies are already using social media to promote their company brand and culture. However, very few of them are creating targeted social media recruiting campaigns. These campaigns help companies enhance the quality of candidates they recruit. 

Seek Referrals From Current Employees

Asking for referrals from employees is an excellent way to build your talent pool. According to LinkedIn, companies can expand their talent pool by 10 times by recruiting through their employees’ networks. 

Besides, employee referral programmes are proven to improve time, cost and quality of hire. The approach instils a strong talent mindset within your organisation and encourages all employees to become recruiters. 

Identify Talents Within Your Organisation

An efficient talent pool includes both internal and external talents. Hence, it is crucial to develop talents among your current employees. You already know what skills they have and that they are a culture fit.  

Identify employees who exhibit potential for career growth and development. Then, add these employees into your talent pool to nurture them for advancement. 

Create a Landing Page on Your Career Site

A simple way to grow your talent pool is to create a dedicated landing page on your career site. The site will serve as an invitation for potential candidates to join your talent pool. 

Some candidates may like to join your company but don’t see a suitable opening right now. The landing page allows them to be included in your talent pool and stay up to date on future vacancies. 


A strong talent pool increases a company’s flexibility to adapt to changes in the job market.  

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