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The contingent workforce comprises contractors, temporary staff and consultants in any form of alternative work arrangement. The objective of Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) is to augment internal talent capabilities and increase the flexibility and responsiveness of the workforce.

Operationally, TG CWM solutions give companies the ability to source and procure quality contractors of high calibre, resulting in a contingent workforce aligned to specific business needs. The agility of TG CWM solutions also allow contractors to be available on-demand to meet immediate talent requirements.


As your partner in managing your contingent workforce, we provide end-to-end dispatching services to help you achieve greater agility and competitiveness in a fast-changing business environment.




Performance Management

Payroll Processing

Contingent workforce starts from the assessment of contractual staff to procurement practices to give you the best contingent workforce management solution for your enterprise.

With the new invented AI technology, we will understand your workforce management needs wholeheartedly to go above and beyond in selecting the right contingent talents. Our selection criteria are stringent and based on your exact requirements

We are experts in contingent workforce management deployment with processes set out to protect the interests of the company, while establishing guidelines to guarantee that job needs are met and carried out systematically.

Evaluation of performance is increasingly important, a factor we understand thoroughly. We enforce performance metrics inclusive of compliance, cost, data management and other key indicators to allow efficient services to you.

Our end-to-end integrated workforce management allows you to focus on the business, which is why we manage everything right up to processing timely payments efficiently and effectively to make sure your business continues seamlessly.

The crucial role of workforce management in Hong Kong

Labour markets are no longer that simple – instead, it has become increasingly complex and volatile, with a diverse pool of permanent and non-permanent employees that all drive business success. Thus, this leads to the imperative role of contingent workforce management, where independent contractors, agencies and other sorts are required to allow businesses to stay agile.

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The main objective of workforce management is to augment internal talent capabilities and increase the flexibility, as well as the responsiveness of the workforce. With this comes the need to hire on-demand which is a situation that TG Group is exceptionally well-versed in.

Businesses in Hong Kong need a strong workforce management process and solution

Contingent workforce management service in Hong Kong provides flexibility to fit roles with fluctuating demand or rapid growth. Additionally, it can be considered a cost-effective solution as contingent workers are flexible, where in turn, you save on employee expenses that permanent talent is contracted to.

The agility of a contingent workforce management gives companies access to on-demand availability to meet their immediate talent requirements in order to grow your business or sustain any essential functions to your success.

Hence, this leads to the significance of managing contingent workers systematically in billing, payment, and contracts, among other items. This approach is necessary to establish a proper contingent workforce that works in tandem with your goals.

With TG Group, we can source and procure quality contractors of high calibre to ensure your contingent workforce is aligned to your specific business needs.

Best practices are the core in contingent workforce management

Contingent workers are specialised and independent, therefore requiring specific contractual obligations that the company has to abide by. Nevertheless, with such flexibility there can be challenges as success depends on several teams, especially one that handles human resources. Items such as cost, compliance, and risk must be managed, while contingent workers must be screened or hired properly.

Hence, this leads to the need for a specialised workforce management agency such as that TG Group that ensures the right assessment factors are considered in order to build a successful contingent workforce.

Implement the right integrated workforce management solutions in Hong Kong

When hiring a workforce management consultant, it is important to understand their processes and how they can cater to your business. So, reach out to us, and we will propose a solution that moves your business forward. We are here to fulfil your temporary and contract staffing, match the right talents, scale your workforce, and increase flexibility – even for digital workforce management.


We strive to match qualified talents with organisations by providing HR support to accelerate growth in all markets.

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Pursue skilled pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device professionals to the life sciences industry.

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Connect with qualified insurance, banking and finance talents to boost economic returns.

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Find the right engineering & operational talents suited for a myriad of industries.

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Seek the right talents that are passionate to make the world a better place for communities.

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Expand your tech business rapidly with technology skilled talents from over 50 markets.

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Expand your business and connect with the right professional network to meet organisational objectives.

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FSG TG is engaged by us to administer the monthly payroll of the beneficiaries. FSG TG has been prompt in the service delivery to process an average of 500 beneficiaries’ salaries per month and they are responsive to any query from us and/or the beneficiary. FSG TG is also accommodating to any special urgent request to process the salary in advance of the pay day to assist our low income beneficiaries in tiding over urgent financial situations. We have been pleased with the prompt and excellent service provision by FSG TG thus far. We strongly believe FSG TG would also provide the same excellent service standard to your organisation.

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Being a global company, it is extremely pivotal for us to conform to the ever-changing and stringent compliance standards of an international workforce as we venture into foreign countries. Before we engaged with FSG TG, we had an inefficient agent that did not have the capabilities and expertise in registering foreign work visas for their employees. With FSG TG, we were able to continuously monitor the critical legal and regulatory information, to ensure that our employees were hired compliantly with the relevant work visas. FSG TG’s expertise in labour regulations and knowledge of compliance trends has enabled us to forge a sense of trust as our PEO agent.

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We are happy to make a recommendation of APBA TG Human Resource Pte. Ltd. to companies that require manpower resources for operational needs, as they are efficient and provide a high level of service. They have continuously helped us to recruit good candidates for administration and customer service executive roles over the past 7 years since 2015.

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At TG, we believe that human capital is the greatest asset to any institution. With our bespoke workforce solutions, we strive to match qualified talents with organisations to find new ways to connect and work together to boost economic returns.

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