What Keeps Employees Motivated In A Hybrid Working Environment

Remember the days when we had to wake up early, get stuck in traffic, race to secure the parking lot, then squeeze into elevators to punch in on time—wishing we could work from anywhere? 

Well, ‘thanks’ to COVID-19, remote work has become a new norm in our reality. Now that the post-pandemic situation is more controlled, we see a rise in hybrid working trends as people realise that silo-working has proven to be beneficial. 

However, businesses have also struggled with a new challenge throughout the pandemic (apart from drastic survival measures like pay cuts or layoffs). Employees were showing signs of deteriorating motivation and dedication. Fatigue workers threaten any business as it dramatically affects production quality, both internally and on a consumer-facing level. 

Here are some ways HR leaders can help re-energise and inspire employees to get back in the game, post-pandemic.   

1. Establish Purpose  

The younger generation of workers is driven by meaningful work, and they want to feel like their efforts and intentions can make tangible impacts on the organisation. Set specific goals to give employees a sense of responsibility while making their contribution valuable to the company. Be sure to set clear objectives and a realistic deadline to track progress and let the team understand why their skills matter. When the team feels a strong connection towards the company’s direction, every step closer towards the target becomes a source of motivation.   


2. Protect The Workforce’s Wellbeing  

Keep your staff healthy — physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally, especially in a digitally-driven working environment. Explore processes that contribute towards a positive company culture and provide flexibility to help employees integrate work and life better. Establish an open, transparent, and authentic connection with the workers to build their trust. Trusting employees also means giving them the freedom to have more control over their job. This can help eliminate one of the worst enemies of motivation in the workplace—micromanagement.  


3. Do Something, Together 

Do not underestimate the power of team-building events. Although team-building activities can be perceived as boring or lame, they are capable of flourishing relationships, even if it’s just an online game session. A squad that bonds with each other has higher engagement at work, knowing that everyone is equally invested to achieve great results.   


4. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due  

Rewarding employees for their merits and achievements can nurture continuous motivation to work. While we have seen compensation and annual bonuses used as standard rewards strategies, they are commonly perceived as a routine and thus can be damaging to workplace motivation. Instead, try rewarding employees by dedicating acknowledgement of their work. Recognition from managers feeds morale, but be specific in your praises, especially when remote working makes it harder to gauge feedback through screens. Tell employees what are they doing right and why they deserve the pat on the back. It is imperative that they know what was done right and how their contributions helped the company sail forward.   


5. Empower Your Employees  

Encourage employees to upgrade their skills through learning and development opportunities. Convince them to sign up for training, seminars, or other upskilling and reskilling efforts to benefit them in the long run. Nurturing a company culture that prioritises employee growth shows that companies are willing to invest in employees as progressive individuals—not just working engines. Provide a clear path and offer role enhancements at every stage of their careers to prepare them for the future of work. Leaders who support employees’ aspirations will, in turn, spark their loyalty and attachment towards the company.    

So, what will you do when your employees become demotivated?

What are your plans to realign their focus to drive productivity?  

Let us take care of HR administration matters while you focus on strategies to boost team morale.

Let us take care of HR administration matters while you devise employee engagement and retention strategies to boost team morale.   

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